Say goodbye to Excel worksheet calculations!

PTC Mathcad is the single solution for solving, analyzing, and sharing your most vital engineering calculations.

Presented within an easy-to-use interface, its live mathematical notation, units intelligence, and powerful calculation capabilities allows engineers and design teams to capture and communicate their critical design and engineering knowledge.

Only with Mathcad can you write programs without being a programmer and have them read like normal word text. Mathcad allows us in the marine and offshore industry to perform complex design calculations and have them submitted to the Classification Societies for approval without any problem reviewing and understanding our calculations,  no other software allows this.
— Yves De Leeneer, Director at DEEPBLUE Pte Ltd

Selected Software Solutions


Remote computer suite management

Mind Mapper

Powerful mind map tool for organisation and efficiency

TurboCAD Pro

Premium, professional 2D/3D CAD


Professional flowcharts, floor plans and diagrams


General purpose finite element analysis (FEA) system for structural analysis and heat transfer.

Assistance when you need it

We offer training and extensive technical support services to compliment these software solutions.

Please feel free to contact us for assistance with setup, upgrades and to discuss your requirements.